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Cosmic Gorgons is a new concept startup promoting the art of video games and gaming in general. Inspired by the arcades of the late 80’s, Cosmic Gorgons is proud to promote a society of like-minded individuals. Fostering a community of enthusiasts, Cosmic Gorgons is establishing and renewing an atmosphere of camaraderie through gaming. This establishment will continue where the Rumpus Room had left off, servicing a grander experience for both the casual and hardcore crowd.


Nazwa Gra Typ Uczestnicy Utworzono Postęp
BREAD MAJOR - BBTAG BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle DE 12 12-02-18
BREAD MAJOR - Vampire Savior Tournament Vampire Savior DE 6 12-02-18
BREAD MAJOR - DFCI Side Tournament Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition DE 4 12-02-18
BREAD MAJOR - Melty Blood tournament Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code DE 8 12-02-18
BREAD MAJOR - Million Arthur Arcana Blood Tournament Million Arthur Arcana Blood DE 8 12-02-18
BREAD MAJOR - Under Night In-Birth.EXE.Late[st] Tournament Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late DE 10 12-02-18
RingOut Cubao 4: Soulcalibur VI Weekly SoulCalibur VI DE 8 12-01-18
RingOut Cubao 3: Soulcalibur VI Weeklies @ Cosmic Gorgons SoulCalibur VI DE 11 11-24-18
RingOut Cubao 2: Soulcalibur VI Weeklies @ Cosmic Gorgons SoulCalibur VI DE 9 11-17-18
RingOut Cubao 1: Soulcalibur VI Weeklies @ Cosmic Gorgons SoulCalibur VI DE 16 11-10-18
BBTAG @ ESGS 2018 BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle DE 36 10-27-18
BBCF @ ESGS 2018 BlazBlue: Central Fiction DE 16 10-27-18
Vampire Savior @ ESGS 2018 (Tito Gaming Sessions) Vampire Savior DE 11 10-27-18
Smash 4 at ESGS 2018 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U DE 38 10-26-18
CG Soul Calibur VI Mini-Tournament Soul Calibur VI DE 13 10-20-18
Cosmic Clash Season 2 Episode 4 Garrison Archangel RR 4 10-20-18
TGS Minitourney: Vampire Savior Vampire Savior DE 11 10-17-18
TGS Minitourney: SamSho V Special Samurai Shodown V Special DE 14 10-06-18
Cosmic Gorgons SFV Weekly: Mini-Tourney Street Fighter V DE 8 09-28-18
Kaohsiung 2018 Tekken Philippines Qualifier Tekken 7 DE 0 09-08-18


  Team Name Team Owner Organization Gracze Created On
Gorgonauts CosmicGorgons Cosmic Gorgons Gaming & Art Lounge 7 02-28-17